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Optional customData

customData?: string

custom data that could be added to set widget specific data, incase of JSON, stringify the JSON

Optional imageUrl

imageUrl?: string

alert image url, either text or imageUrl is required

Optional interactiveUntil

interactiveUntil?: Date

dateTime in UTC where after this dateTime, widget is not interactable

Optional linkLabel

linkLabel?: string

optional link label to be shown, requires linkUrl if present

Optional linkUrl

linkUrl?: string

optional link to add on alert widget, requires linkLabel if present

Optional playbackTimeMs

playbackTimeMs?: number

video playback time in milliseconds for showing widget for video on demand

Optional programDateTime

programDateTime?: string

program date time that could be used to sync up widget with your live streaming video


programId: string

Id of the program in which widget is to be created

Optional text

text?: string

alert text, either text or imageUrl is required

Optional timeout

timeout?: string

timeout duration for user till when the widget stays interactable in UI after getting rendered, value is in a ISO duration format

Optional title

title?: string

optional alert widget title

Optional widgetAttributes

widgetAttributes?: IWidgetAttribute[]

custom key value widget attributes


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