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client_id: string
confirmation_message?: string

message to show when user vote on the prediction

created_at: string
created_by: { id: string; image_url: string; name: string }

widget created-by details

Type declaration

  • id: string
  • image_url: string
  • name: string
custom_data: string

custom data added when creating a widget

earnable_rewards: IWidgetEarnableReward[]

list of earnable rewards tagged against the widget

engagement_count: number

total no. of engagement count

engagement_percent: string

enagagement percentage in string

follow_up_url: string

url to get widget follow ups details

widget follow ups details with list of followups that gives prediction results with correct option

id: string
impression_count: number
impression_url: string
interaction_url: string
interactive_until: string

dateTime in UTC where after this dateTime, widget is not interactable

widget kind

widget options array

playback_time_ms: number

video playback time in milliseconds for showing widget for video on demand

program_date_time: string

program date time that could be used to sync up widget with your live streaming video

program_id: string
publish_delay: string

publish delay duration of type string in ISO duration format

published_at: string
pubnub_enabled: boolean

if enabled, widgets real time publish updates and interaction updates could be subscribed

question: string

widget question

rewards_url: string
schedule_url: string

url to be used to schedule a widget for publishing

scheduled_at: string
sponsors: ISponsorPayload[]
status: WidgetStatus
subscribe_channel: string

pubnub channel to subscribe for real time widget interaction updates

timeout: string

timeout duration for user till when the widget stays interactable in UI after getting rendered, value is in a ISO duration format

unique_impression_count: number
url: string
widget_attributes: IWidgetAttribute[]
widget_interactions_url_template: string

widget interaction url template that can be used to get widgets interaction


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