Interface IUpdateCommentBoardArg


  • IUpdateCommentBoardArg


allowComments?: boolean

flag that enables user to comment in a commentBoard

commentBoardId: string

comment board identifier

contentFilter?: "filtered"

enable profanity filtering when set to "filtered"

customData?: string

stringified custom data to attach to commentboard

customId: string

customId to attach with comment board

description?: string

comment board description

repliesDepth?: number

max reply depth that allows user to reply a given comment or reply for eg: repliesDepth: 1 indicates user would only be able to reply to comment, replying to a reply won't be possible Level repliesDepth comment A 0 -- reply A1 for comment A 1 -- reply A2 for reply A1 2 -- reply A3 for reply A2 3

title?: string

comment board title

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