• IUserProfile


access_token: string

Acces token of user profile

badge_progress_url: string
badges: any
badges_url: string
blockList?: string[]

List of user id's current user has blocked

block_profile_url: string
blocked_profile_ids_url: string
blocked_profiles_template_url: string
chat_room_memberships_url: string
created_at: string

Time user profile was created

custom_data: string

Custom data

id: string

If of user profile

leaderboard_views_url: string
leaderboards_url: string
nickname: string

Nickname of user profile

points: number
reactions?: any

Widget reactions user has saved

reported_count: number

Number of time user profile has been reported

reward_item_balances_url: string
reward_item_transfer_url: string
subscribe_channel: string
url: string

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