• IWidgetPayload


average_magnitude?: string

emoji slider attribute

choices?: IWidgetChoiceItem[]

Widget choice array

claim_url?: string

claim url that could be invoked to claim prediction rewards

client_id: string

application Id

confirmation_message?: string

ask widget confirmation message

correct_option_id?: string

correct option id for prediction widget

created_at: string

When widget was created

created_by: {
    id: string;
    image_url: string;
    name: string;

User that created the widget

Type declaration

  • id: string
  • image_url: string
  • name: string
custom_data?: string

Widget custom data

earnable_rewards: IWidgetEarnableReward[]
engagement_count: number

total users engaged on the widget

engagement_percent: string
follow_up_url?: string

follow up url used to create followUp widget

follow_ups?: IWidgetPayload[]

Follow up widget payload for prediction widgets

id: string
image_number_prediction_id?: string

Follow Up Widget Image Number Prediction Id

image_number_prediction_url?: string

url to get image number prediction widget details

image_prediction_id?: string

Follow Up Widget Image Prediction Id

image_prediction_url?: string

url to get image prediction widget details

image_url?: string

alert widget image url if present

impression_count: number
impression_url: string
initial_magnitude?: string

emoji slider attribute

interaction_url: string
interactive_until: string

dateTime in UTC where after this dateTime, widget is not interactable

link_label?: string

alert widget link label if present

link_url?: string

alert widget link url if present

options?: IWidgetOptionItem[]

Widget options array

playback_time_ms?: number

video on demand playback time in milliseconds

program_date_time: string

Sync time

program_id: string

Id of program the widget was created in

prompt?: string

ask widget prompt

publish_delay: string

Delay for when widget is published

published_at?: string

Time widget was published

pubnub_enabled: boolean
question?: string

Widget question

reactions: IWidgetReaction[]

Widget reactions

reply_url?: string
rewards_url: string
schedule_url: string

url to be used to schedule a widget for publishing

scheduled_at?: string

Time widget was scheduled

sponsors: ISponsorPayload[]
status: "pending" | "published" | "in-flight"
subscribe_channel: string
text?: string

alert widget widget text if present

text_number_prediction_id?: string

Follow Up Widget Text Number Prediction Id

text_prediction_id?: string

Follow Up Widget Text Prediction Id

text_prediction_url?: string

url to get text prediction widget details

timeout: string

Widget duration

timetoken?: string
title?: string

ask widget or alert widget title

unique_impression_count: number
url: string
vote_url?: string

vote_url used in the case of emoji slider and number prediction widget

widget_attributes: IWidgetAttribute[]
widget_interactions_url_template: string

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